Sangria Los Parao's, Rosé

Sangria Los Parao's, Rosé

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Our Rosé Sangria is our most delicate product, made with an elegant and sophisticated rosé wine. This refreshing blend of fresh fruit juices makes the perfect drink for brunch, a picnic at the park or even the ideal gift for that special someone. The softness and tasteful flavors in our Rosé Sangria is bound to please any palet and liven your taste buds. 

  • Quality Guarantee

    We are confident that you will enjoy all of our products because we prioritize quality in every single one of our ingredients. We take quality inspections quite seriously to ensure that our customers end up with the most remarkable and exceptional product out there. Our strict guidelines for superior ingredients makes our brand just that, superior. 

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    Unfortunately at this time, we are unable to ship any of our bottles. We encourage you to take advantage of our online ordering for in-store pick-up. Once we receive the order and payment, we will contact you to arrange a specific pick-up date and time that works best for you. Most orders can be picked up on the same day if placed before 1 pm and picked up before 4pm at no additional cost.